this morning is awakening me. Yesterdays journey went well, Mischa made for us a delicious meal and after all the talk of our little or big adventures we went to bed and slept and dreamt away.
A walk around the pond, a necessity. A sea of yellow daffodils has appeared, every year it still is a very pretty surprise.
And the two baby Nile geese between their parents, running wild in the grass, too.
We walk to the library and admire Mischa's photo's there. It was for her a lot of work, a new experience how to frame and hang them and we are proud to see that the result is marvellous.
After lunch Mischa and I make a round to look at the geese-babies. I tell her that I could come quite near the animals but not now it appears then suddenly one of the goose jumps up and attacks her, while she was kneeling in the grass. She stands quickly up and the bird flies to her head. She turns and flees and the bird comes down again. Loud and agry shouting, rightly defending her offspring. A serious lesson learnt by us.

My haiku:

Noxious persons
Threatening in our disguise
To the geese we are

And the proverb:

Knowledge is a treasure, but practice is the key to it.

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