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Wednesday Night Fever, SiemReap (aps to JT & O

Came across this cultural demo in a night market. Really quite stylish and dramatic in places, but apart from the obvious Boy meets Girl, haven't a clue what it's about.
Quite quiet today, recovering physically & mentally from yesterdays hike round Angkor Wat etc. Wandered around the Old Market this morning, purchasing odds & ends we don't need, then repeated the exercise this evening.

There are far too many ATMs in this country. Very few places take card payment, because of the charges, so you are constantly drawing out cash, and to save on charges for that service, you draw out more than is needed, making it so easy to spend. Must get some discipline in our lives. Someone here will sell it. They sell everything else.

Up early tomorrow, @ 05:00 hrs to catch the 06:30 bus to Kampot, which apparently leaves @ 05:50 ! ! !

Night Night blippers everywhere.

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