horns of wilmington's cow

By anth


Today I learned that in Munich pugs are often transported in baskets on the front of bikes; that this chap (who I think is West Indian originally) lived in Munich for 7 years where he picked up this pug; that he himself transports the pug in a basket on the front of his bike; and that in Germany pugs are called 'mops'.

It was a lovely 5 minutes spent chatting in the sunshine. I've seen the chap on his bike before, so hoping to catch a snap of him with the pug in the basket at some point, and find out some more of what promises to be an interesting life story.

This was all on my way back to the office after popping out to snap another Art Deco building (links to yesterday's blip) in the sun.

Right. Pub quiz. Hopefully there will be a question about German dog habits and names.

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