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By anth

Aaaaaand Home

Up; wash; dress; train; airport; plane; airport; taxi; home.

Amsterdam Backblips


Now, the big news I got on the day we left was that I was being offered a new job. Wahey! Much better pay, benefits (there were none at the last place, so hey), and holidays. And they want me to start at the end of this month. Well, y'know, I'm being made redundant, that'll be easy right? Ohhhhh no, not with my current bosses. It would appear that they are 'surprised' I want to leave 'early'. I had been offered a deal to stay on till the end of April, which would then involve a bonus on top of my redundancy package. However, despite a request, this was never confirmed in writing, nor by formal offer nor acceptance. Basically this all ties in with my ignored legal advice to them, that following the utterly misnomered 'consultation period' after announcing the office would be closing, everyone should have confirmation in writing of what would happen with them. So I'm reverting to my employment terms and conditions, which state a two month notice. I've acknowledged this means I won't get my bonus, but it doesn't affect my redundancy payment in the slightest (6 years with the company, so not insignificant).

Their 'surprise' response (after 2 hours to consider) includes a meeting on wednesday when I'm back in the office to 'discuss' my 'request'.This could get interesting. I replied to that reply and have yet to hear back. They haven't a leg to stand on, presumably this being the reason I've yet to hear. It follows their usual form, them stating what is going to happen, without having done any research into what is either legally or morally correct, and then me giving them the 'facts', and them clamming up. Seriously, they seem to expect that I'll give up the chance of this new job to stay on for an extra month in a job that is being made redundant. It's frankly bizarre.

Like I say, Wednesday could be interesting. If by 'interesting' I mean 'bloody annoying'. I just want to be able to be happy at having found a new job to start straight away after being made redundant, but I've still got hassle hanging over me. Bah.

Cat versus Chicken

Oh, went to a viewing at Lyon and Turnbull auctions today - got my eye on some Japanese prints.

Also got my eye on a 500mm lens once my redundancy payment is sorted out for the end of the month. Because it will be.

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