horns of wilmington's cow

By anth

Leaving Las London

I've blipped Damola before. That was in Edinburgh, but he's a London boy at heart and has been back for a while - it was great to catch up for all of 10 minutes before we had to hop on the train.

Not much going on in the day. Check out. Breakfast at Smiths of Smithfield (disappointingly nowhere near as good as I remember it from a couple of years ago). Then back to King's Cross with an hour or two to kill. So having first class train tickets we went to the first class lounge, thinking that would be the perfect place to relax before the journey. Except apparently if you buy an 'advance' first class ticket you're not sufficiently elite for the lounge. Oh no. We'd have to pay a £10 supplement per ticket to get in. Damn our foresight and ability to plan meaning we got our tickets a little cheaper... Very odd.

For some reason the journey back north was an hour longer than heading south (we were stopping at a few more places, but the difference was remarkable) though entertainment was provided by a Yorkshire lass who spent every single moment after getting on at Doncaster chatting on her mobile. In the end we really just had to laugh about her - just seems odd that some people have a mobile phone specifically for phoning their partner from the train in order to have an argument. That and spill all sorts of 'secrets' that the friend on the end of the phone is sworn to secrecy about.

Home. Pizza. And Mel is now watching lambing on the telly while I sort out the photos...

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