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When I did the nursery pick up today I was told how Boy had, had a really fun morning and was really communicating with them all. This was to be a sign.

We headed out and it started to rain meaning the little ones had to be buggy bound. We sheltered under a bush for a bit with an oldish lady before popping to a few shop on the way home. The problem with going in shops is that when we leave them I have to have the usual buggy arguements with Boy whilst trying to get Girl to stop dreaming away and get out the door of the shop.

I had noticed an aroma around boy and a quick investigation confirmed my suspicions. Changing facilities are few and far between on Albert Road so we got to see if the samaritans cafe was true to its roots, which I can confirm they were by them letting us use their facilities without custom.

We headed for home as a fresher boy had a sleep. We passed Mumm's cafe and it was quiet. I have never been in this cafe before as to be honest it is not much of a looker and the menu is fairly school dinner looking. It also has its charaters of customers of which I do not really fit the mould, but today I thought Girl and I should try something new. I have to say the tea was very good and Girl enjoyed her water, which she requested. Although we enjoyed the trip back in time it gave us and the strange smokey fog that seemed to fill the place I don't think we will be going back anytime soon. By the look of some of the regulars the food simply can not be good for you. Also it occured to me that you just dont see really old men drinking cans of coke very often do you, its a bit odd.

Once home Boy woke in a grump that even a trip to the park would not fix.I kept asking him what he needed or wanted to do with nothing but a tearful response. We managed to get him to have a kick about that cheered him for a little while but that was pretty much it.

So as lovely as it is to hear that he has had a fun morning at nursery with lots of talk I can't help to be a bit put out that nursery seems to get all the fun whilst we get all the angst. Well at least he is having some fun I suppose.

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