By dunkyc

Stinky shoes!

Photo of some crappy trainers, yeah that's what you clicked through for!

This was inspired by a recent post by Ricky Gervais who said he knew it was time to start exercising when he was sitting down to dinner and about to eat 11 sausages as part of his meal.

I should probably say that I'm not particularly proud of these trainers and I daresay that they don't have much street-cred (almost certain to be true, based solely on the fact that I've used the words "street-cred"), but they do represent me getting off my increasingly fat arse and doing some exercise.

I hadn't really done anything of note for around two years, but then last summer I caught sight of myself in the mirror and realised that a spare tyre was growing nicely around my middle. This, coupled with the fact that I wanted to be healthier for my little girl and start doing some more exciting fell walks, was enough to spur me into action and thus it was that I purchased the trainers you see above for £25 from a sports emporium and I have since tried to go out for a jog a couple of times a week.

I don't jog far or fast, but it's enough to get a sweat on and get the heart going and crucially make me feel slightly less guilty about the copious amounts of confectionery I shove down my neck.

Now, if I could only cut that out, the spare tyre would be all-but deflated.

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