A chilly 6C degrees found me looking for my cosy slippers after leaping out of bed, on this fine morning.

A day of shopping with Mum - I got some dress boots, very expensive but I feel like I'm walking on air, well worth the money and can be worn with many things - I can see I will just about live in them, gumboots are next on the list.

On coming home I grabbed a berry tea and wandered round the garden. The wind chimes were the only noise I could hear, sending gentle tones out into the garden while the windflowers danced to the sounds, swaying in the light. It was cool under the shade of the trees, I shivered a little as I snuggled into my lighter cardigan and noted how the garden is starting to go to sleep. Hosta leaves are dying back, agapanthus are starting to seed, roses are just hanging on but the gazania's are still going strong. My maple is on the turn with its little amber leaves shining in the light and the dahlias will keep flowering until the first frost arrives.

I'm glad you enjoyed my little lacebark blossom from yesterday, thank you for all of your words, stars and hearts as I bring a little bit of New Zealand flora to you.

Our weekend has arrived, a quiet one for our family, hubby working tomorrow and I will potter, maybe some gardening.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend, keep warm and well :)

PS Quite nice in large :)

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