Nothing's gonna stop us now......

Ready to go, music - action!

Its Saturday night, the lights are bright, a sense of excitment fills the air. Chatter and laughter drifts by as groups of adults head out for an evening meal dressed in their finery, teens shout to each other from across the street dressed in jeans and t-shirts arranging times and places for the next party, cars idle as families pop in to pick up their takeaway of fish n chips and later in the evening young lovers linger under the night lights hand in hand........the High Street mannequins stand restless, looking on, locked up, no place to go - redundant under the flashing neon lights.

Ready to take on the world again, ready for some fun and glamour, they stand waiting...........locked in time and bureaucracy.

'take it to the good times, see it through the bad times'.

Come on EQC (Earthquake Commission) we're sick of bureaucracy, we're sick of paperwork, we're sick of barriers - give these mannequins a life again, give us back our only department store!

'We can build this dream together
Standing strong forever
Nothing's gonna stop us now'

When Farmers department store returns to us, other businesses will rise forth and High Street will become 'alive' and..........the High Street mannequins will be back in business, hope we're not waiting to long.

Part of my One Street series

Cheers blippers - Happy Saturday night!

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