An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Sometimes choice is a bad thing!

So the conversation goes like this.....

D - What colour are we paintng the hall / stairs / landing?
Me - Let's keep it simple. What about cream?
D - Fine by me. So is that Antique cream, honey cream, Ivory cream, rice pudding, cotton twill, snowfall, mimosa, biscotti, flawless fawn, wheatgrass, featherdown, timeless, morning light, nude glow, ivory lace, natural wicker, chalk stone, frosted dawn, natural calico, bone china, porcelain doll, almost oyster, hay bale, barley twist, iced ivory.......
Me - Arrrrrggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! Feckin' magnolia will do!!!!

Actually, I'm quite liking the sound of that Nude Glow! ;-)))

It's FRIDAY!!! Woo hoo! Hope everyone has a great weekend and an extra special hello to all the Blippers attending the Meta Blip Weekend in Edinburgh. Hope you all have a fab time. Will be with you in spirit - quite literally! :D

Right! Let's get the weekend party started!!! :D


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