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By ajt


Today I dutifully took my compact camera to work in case anything interesting turned up. As I went past a building site I spied a JCB thing on top of a pile of rubble smashing concrete into tiny pieces. The gates to the site were wide up so it was easy to get a good shot. I took my camera out of my pocket and turned it it only to be told "card not present" - the SD card was sitting in the card reader at home... No blipping for me today.

When I got home I had to dash out of the house. For the next few weeks I've got the Borough's Fluke thermal imaging camera and I'm going round scanning people's houses for them. Tonight was the first batch of the plan. I did three households of really nice people and I managed to grab this blip when I got home - after reuniting the my camera with it's SD card...

Tomorrow I have four more homes to scan, so I get to meet four more nice sets of people in the village.

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