And Another Thing...

By dhackett68

People's Gallery

The Stephen's Green Centre is one of the great blots on Dublin's landscape. And despite the central location, it's never been a commercial success. But the one part that has lasted is the People's Gallery on the top floor. I had to get something from the art shop next to it, so I took a stroll through to the escalators.

There's usually an interesting mix of paintings on display. The colourful Johnathan Knuttels might catch the eye, but the real gems are on the extreme left - a collection of paintings and prints by Jim Fitzpatrick. He should be famous for his Celtic inspired art, or the sequence of album covers he produced for Thin Lizzy. But he'll always be known for probably the simplest artwork he ever produced..

PS: 10 minute walk through the Green to get to art shop. 15 minute walk back through Trinity College to station. One kilt! Where are all the Scots?

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