What did I see today...?

By DaveR

A Game of Thrones

Or, A Game of Shadows, Part II

Once again, no prizes for guessing what I just finished watching...

Today's plan was to have a relatively easy day at work, finish at a fantastically lazy 4pm, catch a film at the cinema and then get an early night.

Well after the finishing early broke and no films were on, there wasn't going to be an early night!

I'm off to Oxford tomorrow/today for a friend's birthday and really wanted to finish 'Game of Thrones' by then, and happily with a marathon session watching the final four episodes tonight, I have done! It's a very good TV series, and so equipped with inspiration and otherwise lacking in Blips for the day, I decided to break out the other game of thrones and take a few shots (with help from my housemates mini-LED torch, very handy for random lighting!)

Now, all I have to do is ignore anyone who mentions that I have to wait until next year to get Season 2 on DVD... I'm sensing another plan breaking!

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