Robin at large

By Robin

Duthie Park

For once this is not a late night Blip. A few of my previous photos have featured the Winter Garden in Duthie Park. I was there again today but this time the picture shows part of the Park itself, including the bandstand and obelisk. The park also has a ski slope and rather large pond.

I would guess of Aberdeen's many parks this is the most popular. I had intended to post a completely outrageous version of this photograph, but settled instead for this semi realistic version. It was quite cloudy at the time, but maybe not quite as shown in the photograph, but nothing in this photograph is quite as it is in reality.

I have to thank a fellow Blipper for recommending Nik software, to which I have become utterly converted. A plug in to Aperture in my case, it produces some really neat effects. Thanks to Sleapyhead for the recommendation.

At the moment in Aberdeen we seem to alternate one day sunshine, one day cloud. Perhaos tomorrow we will be back to sunshine. Strangely from a photographic point of view cloud was what I was hoping for. Yesterday there was just too much sun!

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