Dutch Skies

By RonBuist

Focus, focus, focus!

Sunrise at De Onlanden, a nature area and water balancing reservoir at the same time.

This blip is a reminder to myself: focus, focus, focus! The weather this morning didn't play nice and was very much unlike forecasted. So there I was, wondering if we were going to see any morning red. It was supposed to be partly cloudy but instead a thick layer of clouds was present.

Still enjoying the quietness around me, with birds singing and being a true sign that spring is on its way, suddenly a flare of red coloured the sky. I quickly adjusted my composition, going from a high to a low viewpoint. I dialed in 2/3 underexposure to add drama to the sky. Focus... Click. Everything looked great on the camera screen. As soon as I had taken a few shots, the red colour disappeared again and I returned home.

Then I opened the photos on my computer in Lightroom and much to my horror I discovered that this photo is far from sharp. What happened? Then I realized I was shooting at f/10 instead of f/13. The point I focussed on is the farthest rock, which would be around the hyperfocal point for f/13. However, at f/10 this means that the rocks in the foreground are out of focus. I never noticed until it was too late. Not all is lost, though. The location works and I will return there when conditions are somewhat better. And then: focus, focus, focus!

Check yesterday's blip for a photo with good focus!

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