The Phoenix Rises

By sheilaM

Peeka boo

Ollie brought his M+D to visit and asked a little favour.
(It's a wee secret just now).

The answer was yes.

What a handsome little chap he is and he will melt even the hardest of hearts, well mine at least......and I think Ally was a bit smitten too. He obviously has very tasty toes too.

Today was a day of a car boot sale at Errol where we failed to find the campervan cycle rack we wanted, but managed to find a couple of frames for some of my art. At £3 and £1, that will triple and double the art work's worth. (Well in my humble opinion.)
The tiling of the Claudette kitchen, had to wait till Ollie took off, but she's starting to look really quite smart now. I need to get on with some serious varnishing, then find a covering for the wood. Make some new curtains and ......

It's all fun in the conversion game.

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