The Phoenix Rises

By sheilaM

Diggin the Forth

Crossing the Forth road bridge this evening, we saw this.
It's a digger, marooned on the former lighthouse island in the Forth estuary.
The beginning of the new Forth crossing bridge.

We and Claudette had a lovely day, showing her off, seeing the new Out law's pad in their temporary residence.
Parents in law and parents all had a shot in Claudette. Mum had been in bed for 3 days, so I bullied her out of bed, dressed and up into Claudette. She loved it and to say Ally is even more respected for his DIY prowess than before, would not be an overstatement.

He's my hero anyway,( no matter what AIME says!).

A wonderful evening at the pictures seeing, The best Exotic marigold Hotel. Recommend it wthout any hesitation. An uplifting and famous name peppered film. The naughtness afterwards was quite good too.......( Pizza for 2).
Shh don't tell my waist, it'll be a surprise for it....not.

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