My Year in Pictures

By jenny

Village Life

There's 3 Golden Retrievers in the village that are all so good their owners let them sit out on the road outside their houses. Well I say road, however - before anyone gets concerned! - it's a quiet village and their houses aren't on the main route through it.

Bill and I know 2 of them quite well - Sunny and Crumble - however this one we don't know at all.

The late afternoon light is always gorgeous on this part of the walk through the village and even though she's been spotted in the same position before, I've never been quick enough with my camera before she comes over to say hi. I was super speedy this afternoon though and thought the freshly blooming daffs were an added bonus too!

Bill meanwhile is not to be trusted and we have a sign on our gate saying "Watch out Border Terrorist about. Please shut the gate behind you. Thank you.". It's amazing how many people still leave the gate open though.

My neighbour, Tony (who knows everyone - and animal - in the village!) says her name is Annie - thanks Tony!
I've changed the picture to one which doesn't have a blue tinge to the woodwork in the shadows - can't possibly have blue woodwork in the Cotstwolds now! - got to be white, cream or preferably Cotswold green!

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