Occasionally Focused

By tsuken

Fly in a Flower

I noticed this tiny wee fly/bee-thing flitting among a little cluster of Japanese Windflowers this afternoon, so I grabbed my camera and took a few shots. I liked this one - especially when I cropped it to get rid of the too-bright background and (I think consequent) chromatic aberrations which were bugging the crap out of me. - And I quite like the effect of cropping it in so much as well, especially with all the detail in the flower, which I think came out quite well.

If it goes much larger (file size is surprisingly small), here it is larger.

I just remembered something else I should mention - regarding the 36 undeletable albums on my iPad. I succeeded in getting rid of them. ^_^ I noticed that when I imported photos with the camera connection kit, they didn't go into a new (37th) "last import" album, but into one of the 36 existing empty ones. With that n mind, I imported a photo, unplugged the CCK and plugged it back in, and imported the photo again (if I left the CCK plugged in, it just imported the photo into the same album as it did the time before). After many iterations, I deleted all those photos - and they took the albums with them! It seemed to take more than 36 imports though; others seemed to get created along the way, but more were destroyed than newly-created, so eventually they all went. ^_^

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