Occasionally Focused

By tsuken

Watch Me Jumping!

"Not into that mud! Just onto the grass!"

Today I walked the young master to daycare in the morning, and home again in the afternoon. On the way home there is a drainage ditch cutting through the ... well, not footpath, as there isn't one, but where a footpath should be. ;-) My wee lad then exclaimed as in the title, that I should watch him jump - proceeding then to let me know onto what he would and would not be jumping.

As he ran toward the ditch I quickly set the focus ring using the distance scale, and went clickety-clack. It's not very sharp. I was going to blame that on me misunderestmating the distance, but looking closely, once again nothing is particularly in focus, leading me to think it's motion blur.

Gotta focus (hah!) on keeping the damn camera still!

Here it is larger and blurrier.

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