Life, not as we see it.


Health & what?

The observant amongst you will see that the ladder in NOT fixed to the building. If you look closely at the roof area you will see how the ladder on the opposite side of the building is supported. There are 2 metal beams projecting over the roof parapet, the inner ends of which are restrained by a pile of sandbags. The ladder is simply hanging from the outer ends of these metal beams, hooked onto a rung. The guy is approx 50 ft above terra firma.
This the view from our hotel's rooftop breakfast room. Our first question was how are they going to reach the rest of the wall to paint it. That remains to be seen. It took a while to recognise the somewhat precarious method of hanging the ladders.

We are in Can Tho, and comfortably ensconced in our hotel following a row with Suffice it to say that their room descriptions fail to entirely reflect reality, and we are not now in our original room.

Up early tomorrow, on the river by 06:30 to catch the busy period in a floating market. Then a further 6 hours cruising the waterways. Don't hold your breath, or perhaps you should.

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