The way I see it.

By christinePears

Fluffy Clouds and Frothy Sea

It's Tuesday and that means it was our day to go on a trip in the afternoon. Our first stop was the local shop again and everyone bought a snack and for second week running there were no dramas. I really feel that we are making headway in lots of different directions and the pupils have gelled together as a wee group. Next stop was north Kessock and it was warm enough to sit outside and have our snacks down by the lifeboat station.

We spent a while under the Kessock bridge (that's the one I'm always taking pictures of) listening to the noise of traffic above us. Quite an interesting sensory experience!

This shot was taken down by the slipway. I never have found out what causes that froth but it didn't look very wholesome. Maybe someone out there knows!

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