The Woman With The Broken Shoulder

A statuette by Giacometti in the rather wonderful Städel Museum in Frankfurt. The Museum is really good apart from the air conditioning - after an hour it felt like we had breathed all the air before.

I totally fell for a Canaletto painting of Venice (natch) and a couple of other bits and pieces surprised me. I saw a good deal of Gerhard Richter, some of which was good and some not (there's a film coming out about him and I'm in two minds about going to see it). Oh and I saw an old master painting with perhaps the best title I've ever read, it's by Cornelis de Heem and the German title is "Stilleben mit kopulierenden Spatzen" which in English is "Still Life with copulating Sparrows". And indeed, the picture does contain said sparrows. High culture, eh?

Yesterday's song was by The Hollies for anyone who was desparate to know. Today's song goes like this :-
Schreib deinen Namen quer auf mein Herz
Ich will dich als meine Dame

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