Car Park

Quite taken with the curves in this. Saw this as I was coming home from shopping and thought it looked interesting in a I've-never-noticed-that-before way.

Quite pleased that the forecast blue sky has arrived - it was awfully grey this morning and I'm hoping that the forecast is correct for tomorrow, as it's meant to be sunny and 20 C. That sounds like a good day for a wander somewhere.

Yesterday's song was "Sign your name" by Terence Trent D'Arby. Today's song in German looks like this :-

Und dann nahmst du mir die Wörter aus dem Mund
Oh - es muss passiert sein als du mich geküsst hast
du nahmst mir die Wörter aus dem Mund
Ich schwöre es ist wahr
Ich wollte gerade sagen "Ich liebe dich"

Good luck.

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