Greenfield Mills

Battery works employed local people to make a variety of goods from copper sheets
including copper 'manilas', and 'guinea kettles' for trade on the coast of Africa.

They were taken by boat from Liverpool down to the West African coast and there they would offtrade these copper goods and take on a load of slaves."

As well as the trade to Africa, some copper went straight to the Caribbean slave islands. One use was in the pans used to heat the copper in the plantation boiling houses.

I live in one of the original mining cottages which is about 250 years old.

A warm muggy day, some sunshine but cloudy skys.

Paul and Louise went for their 20 week scan and found out they are having a girl. So a lovely grandaughter to look forward to. I'm so excited.

Enjoy the weekend lets hope UK weather is hot and sunny, We can hope

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