By strawhouse

Take Away

Busy day today (is there any other kind?!!)
The Little Misses didn't stir until 7.45am which was great but made us a bit late for school!
Then it was to Aylesbury for a few hours before swimming to pick up our marriage certificates from the Registry Office (which I'd completely forgotten about until reading that the deadline to send them to Yorkshire is this weekend!! They've been ready since September 22nd, oops!) and a bit of shopping with the lovely Mrs L.
So far today I've eaten porridge, jacket potato with cheese (excluding the skin) and a bowl of rice crispies. Mr K is sat next to me scoffing a huge portion of fish and chips which smell amazing. What a meanie!!
A low-fat diet combined with a white food diet is fairly restrictive!!!!
But tomorrow is my birthday and we are going out for dinner. The food will be fattening and multi-coloured, woohoo!!!!

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