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By Giacomo

More Snow Today

Yesterday, I put Old Man Winter on a rail car and sent him out of town. But, today. it snowed again. But, a different kind of snow. Actually, it was nearly 70 degress (22 C) by 10 am. But it still "snowed" at the Raptor Center.

The Raptor Center is rehabilitating several snowy owls who have been compromised recently. Typically, the snowies do not come this far south but the warm temperatures and lack of food in their natural habitats is sending them south and, unfortunately, to areas which they are not used to. In fact, the food situation and climate is, perhaps, even more dire here. As a result, they are becoming starved, weak and prone to injury. Presently the Raptor Center is rehabilitating 5 snowies and my family and I witnessed the exercising of two of them today.

The process of exercising is important with respect to their return to the wild. Rebuilding their strength is a gradual process. So they are put on extremely long and light weight tethers and are allowed to fly quite a distance (the distance of several football fields) before being gently lowered to the ground. Much like human conditioning, this repeated exercise increases their likelihood of returning to full health. The sessios can last over an hour but the heat today caused the routine to be limited to about thirthy-five minutes. Several of these snowies are scheduled to be released back into the wild later this year.

The image is fun in large.

My daughter blipped the eyes of one:
LaBella's Owl Blip

Here are quite a few more pictures from today in one of my Blipfolios.
Snow Owls

By the way, thanks for the spotlight and all the wonderful comments yesterday.

Have a great Thursday! Sorry if I do not comment on many journals tonight or tomorrow. I am turning in soon and have a few very busy days of travel ahead.

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