Life, not as we see it.


Saigon classic

Firstly, our bus journey which was scheduled to take 4+ hour got us here in 3.5 hours. Better roads than further south but we still didn't look out the front very often. Bus station is on the outskirts so a taxi to our hotel cost more than the bus fare. It's a huge city, and we are in the heart of it. Took a wander around the central market etc then had a couple of beers. Whilst walking back to our hotel, the heavens opened so we took refuge in a coffee shop. Turned out to be an American style chain, which surprised me. Is that not what the war was about, to get the dammed Yanks out? Ah well, the almighty Dollar is creeping back in.

Todays photo is just typical of HCMC traffic. Wild! There was a clash of scooters at a junction during the torrential rain. At least 3 were down, but as they go relatively slowly there was little if any damage and the riders just dusted themselves off an went on their way. This system does have some merits. Imagine the hoo hah in UK in such circumstances.

Off out for a birthday dinner. Sue has promised me something a bit different. Not hard here where nothing, but nothing goes to waste. Too much going to waist however.

Going to the Viet Cong tunnels tomorrow. Interesting, we are told.

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