A Furious Sky

First, I had intended to spend the afternoon with the camera outdoors and was not planning another sky-cloud photo so soon. Second, the t-storms quickly rolled in here and I was stuck inside for the rest of the afternoon/evening. So apologies for another sky, but I liked it. It was quite an electrical storm with quite a bit of streaked lightning. It certainly sounds like spring when you hear these thunder boomers rolling through. My blip friend Elwetritsche had informed me of the cloud appreciation society, maybe this means I need to join :D

Even though we had the storm today, we're still in the middle of some very mild temps... when we have another cold snap (which we will have) it's going to hurt something fierce..haha..

Follow up at the orthopedics today. The knee was very much improved. Will return in August to start another set of shots.

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