By Ilaria

Not anything to do with water!!!!

Well....thought I'd avoid all things lakes and waterfalls today, and try and do something a bit different today. I have been wanting to dabble with Black and White a bit more....but just don't feel confident about it!! I look at other blippers work and marvel...then I try it myself and marvel at how insipid it always turns out!!!!! So I fiddled, and played for an hour today on this!!! I then emailed it to myself, and played a bit more on an App I have on my iPhone...Snapseed. It's made by the folk who make the software Silver Efex that has been recommended to me. Since downloading the trial of that is not easily possible at the moment, I thought I'd at least try the app. Well...It ended up vaguely coloured again...grunge style. It looked pretty cool, but I want to post this!!!!!! For any advice, or comments really!! Am I on the right track?? Is that sky not too white?? Are the tree, gate, rocks strong/bold enough??

Ok...I'll stop now!!!

In case you missed the waterfalls....OF COURSE I took one of those today...there are tons up Honister die for!!! I even dabbled in Black and White for those....and loved one. There is a copy in my blipfolio folder HERE!!!! It's worth a look!! :-))

I'm sorry I haven't got commenting today....I had no reception, and only have a short time to upload this!! Have to eat now!! But back tomorrow!!


Thanks for all the great comments the past few days, and the favs, and SL's!!!

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