By Ilaria

Chatting with the ducks....

Busy day today...walking, taking photos, reading, shopping, catching up with a friend on the phone (which proved a long conversation...we had a lot of catching up to do...), more photos, and more shopping...then chatting to folk at the place I'm staying in for the next few nights!!!! Phew...holidays are exhausting!!!!!!!!!!

Then I had a lot of photos to look through!! I settled on 3....

The one above is Derwentwater, as the sun (!!!) went down (that when it briefly made an appearance!!). One of the little girls in the shot was VERY taken with the ducks...chattering and following them!! Actually chasing them!! Lol!!

The other two at Derwentwater with a nice shaft of light coming through the clouds, the other a river bed, and silky water!! Both can be seen in my Lakes folder HERE!!

I'll likely not be on here tomorrow....commenting anyway, as I'm heading up the valley and there's no reception there. See you Saturday!! :-)))


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