Dawn's Journal

By DawnP

Meet Joey

Meet Joey, my Mum's pampered black and white "Felix" cat.

Joey originally belonged to my niece Susan and when he was about 2 year's old he had an argument with a car, which resulted in an amputated tail and wonky back-end. When Susan moved into a flat which did not allow pets, Joey was taken in by my parents and has been spoilt ever since.

Joey is now well into late middle age, in cat terms, and provides Mum with much welcome company since Dad died last year. In return he is allowed to sleep on the end of her bed at night, and Mum will get up at 4am to let him out to enjoy his nocturnal life - he sleeps on the best chairs and cushions, having dined on food provided "on demand" - he sleeps on the chair in the sunniest spot in the garden, having presented Mum with a little present such as a mouse or frog - he sleeps.... well you get the picture.

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