Desperately seeking

By clickychick

If Not For You...

If I'd known this was going to be my blip I'd have taken it from a different angle, it was just meant to show Chippy where the gallery had hung his image of Brotherswater. Before Christmas Chippy made us some very nice wooden frames so that we could both have our work hung in this gallery. They're quite large so I suppose they only have room to display one at a time. Mine must be in storage somewhere!

Anyhow, my reason for visiting today was that following Chippy's visit last week with our greetings cards, I had to deliver over 100 of them which he has printed this week and I have helped crease and bag. All of them you had commented on, rated or faved!

Thank you for all your kind words for almost 3 years! This blip will serve to remind me that I was only there because of you.

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