Desperately seeking

By clickychick

Ullswater Calm

Such a fabulous morning, the later rain and hail were really unexpected.

All the cameras were out along the lake today, a man beside me said he'd never see the lake so calm, the sunshine just made it perfect. A car was causing a blockage parked on the road. "What's going on here?" said The Man. "Someone wants to take a photograph!" I said. "But they can't just stop in the road!" "They just have! They might be from a city and think these roads are quiet enough to stop on"

So back to the shot. When I say to myself: "I love the way the sun is lighting up the pebbles under the water" Why don't I also say to myself: "Put the polarising filter on!"?

I just don't have the knack of remembering. Any ideas?

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