By Bundle

I called by to see Mr and Mrs S on the way home from work and they kindly invited me to stay for dinner.

We drank a very fine 1999 red wine from the Haute Garrigues de Sarrians: made from a 'harmonious' blend of grenache, syrah, cinsault and mouvedre grapes (or more precisely 'grape vines' as sometimes they use every part of the vine in the wine-making process), it had a wonderful depth to it and had an intriguing citrussy taste when first opened which rounded into an elegant fruitiness as it breathed... a real pleasure...

Mr S was full of photographic info for me, much of which seemed a little too scientific for my weary Friday evening brain, so I have promised to go back to learn some new tricks next week.

Meanwhile I have back blipped my next steps in India.

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