Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

at SAM

Seattle schools were off today (I found out last night) --SO.... we took the granddaughters to the Seattle Art Museum so Tatum could see the Gauguin "Elusive Paradise" exhibit. It was very crowded and what she liked best on the audio device was the music. Fiona's favorite part was up and down on the escalators, Tatum chose as her favorite thing a polynesian carved wooden bowl shaped like a bird, and we spent some time on all the kid's spaces. No photos allowed in Gauguin, but I managed this on the grand staircase of the 1991 Robert Venturi building (anyone who has been in the National Gallery in London will notice a very similarly designed staircase by the same architect.) One reason for this photo today was the presence of that strong light streaming in: the most welcome SUN! Later there was no nap -Fiona' is feeling better and just couldn't stop playing , but H took her for a long ride in the stroller with a short nap, so Tatum and I could make some pop up books.

The lecture on Egypt last night from the professor on our trip last year was most interesting - aside from having the Egyptian museum and other sites to themselves, and no problems, he showed us all kinds of political posters from different parties and guessed it would be many years sorting it all out in the direction of democracy there.

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