Morning Mist

Last day in Central Otago. A light misty rain falling with the sun desperate to break through the cloud cover. This image taken just prior to leaving Hawea Flat for the long drive home to Dunedin.

We have had a wonderful weekend but it will be nice to get home and get back to our usual daily routines.

Before leaving Central we drove into Wanaka to say hi to the grandparents - Mothers parents - who reside in the cemetery looking out over Lake Wanaka and to make a visit to Mothers brother who resides in the local home/hospital for the aged. He has little ability to communicate and is feed through a nasogastric tube but he gave my hand a soft squeeze when asked if he knew who I was so glad we made the effort. I do not want to be kept in that condition when my grey days are upon sad for those who visit and must be very frustrating for the one trapped within the non-responsive body.

Finally on our way home after a coffee break in Tarras, only stopping in Roxburgh for apricots, peaches, nectarines and black doris plums (for preserving) and a light lunch.

Picked the canine up from the sitters place on the last leg of the journey - he was very happy to see me - and we were all home safe in time for the 6 o'clock news.

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