Whatcha' doin'?

Spent a restless night - over tired from yesterday's busyness.

Raining quite persistently but not cold. Invited to lunch at cousin Mary's home and my brother and his wife will be there so will have a chance to catch up.

Decided to go over to Hawea township for a coffee but first we drove to a place called The Nook (a nursery) to visit an old friend of Mother's from her days on the farm and at boarding school. It was a happy visit and as we drove on to our lunch appointment we noticed some cattle gambolling like lambs in the roadside paddock. Of course I had to stop and grab an image which immediately turned from a gambol to an amble down to fence side to see what I was doing. Cattle are such curious creatures. Made for a fine image...if I do say so myself!!

Rain persisted for most of the day. Lunch was long and leisurely and we returned to our lodgings in time for a nana nap. Evening spent chatting with our hosts and packing for our return home tomorrow.

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