Think, try, share

By JonBusby

Hey Signor Spotify

I was clearing out one of the kids toy cupboards and this Little Big Planet character turned up. Here he is showing off some of my sound equipment.

Funny with my shift to mp3 and giving up on cd I thought my Denon was finished. But I dug out a Kensington dock I bought years ago and plugged it into the Denon's aux channel. It doesn't charge my iPhone but it connects up to my Spotify and LastFM accounts. I like the idea that things I thought were defunct can be revitalised and recycled with a new purpose.

For all of my talk about the Internet giving us too much choice Spotify has rekindled my love of music and the interesting thing is that I am discovering bands that are completely new to me.

Love Spotify!

ps I may take this little bandit out and about with me and see where else he turns up.

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