Life, not as we see it.



Well folks, another bus journey "on time", so we arrived at Mui Ne around 13:00. Realised that we had passed the sign for our hotel and bailed out about 5 km along the strip. A taxi back cost almost as much as the 5 hour bus journey! Warning bells ringing! Seems like this holiday area is for the wealthy of "The Mother Country". (Very thick accent required there.)
We are in a very modern hotel / bungalow complex, with all notices in Russian first, then English & VN. We are not really in walking distance to alternative feeding & drinking stations so suffering captive audience prices, and a wee dose of claustrophobia. Still, we are right on the beach and there is a lovely pool alternative for when the sea cuts up rough, apparently by 11 am daily.
Encountered above wildlife on arrival. Seems benign - didn't pay us any attention.
We both found today's journey really tiring and have done nothing this afternoon or evening. Lets see what tomorrow brings.

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