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Nibbled Nut

I've been thermal imaging houses again today. Great fun to do and useful for the people who own the houses. On the way back through the village I took some pictures of the cherry trees in bloom on Winchester Street and then Peacocks who were in our front garden when I returned to the house. My blip for today was going to be one of these pictures.

Just before I uploaded them here my better-half wanted me to photograph some nibbled nuts for a report on Dormice that she is preparing for the local biodiversity society. I got my camera and macro lens out at took a series of snaps of different nuts - this one is the nibbling pattern you get from the Hazel Dormouse (Muscardinus avellanarius) that is found in the UK if you know where to look.

I did have some nice pictures of cherry blossom, peacocks and a wizard's car, but for that you will have to look in my Picasa album - which apparently it's bad form to link to from a blip entry, but its easy enough to find if you look at my profile page...

Time to go and make a curry for dinner now, TTFN.

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