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As per every other day for at least the last two weeks it started before 6am. I think it was about 5.40am when Girl came in and woke us all. Not that we had had a lot of sleep given that Boy had been so unsettled that he had come in with us at about 2am, which meant our sleep was even more comprimised by his moaning and fidgetyness.

Anyway as it was Mothers Day I dashed up in the hope that the others could get back to sleep. As it was minutes later Wife and Boy appeared in the doorway. So I sent Wife back to bed and took him and her both downstairs. You know when its too early to be up because "The Hoobs" is on number 4 on the telly box. I have never ever watched the Hoobs but I hate them. I hate them, I hate them, I hate them!

About lunchtime we decided that the weather looked ok and so we out to the Weald and Downland Open Air Museum for their Mothers Day special, all entries £2 and a bunch of daffs for Mummy. When we got there we could see lots of others had had the same plan as the place was rammed with daff holding families. It was not so warm as when we had left the house so we put the little ones in all available layers. Girl said she was still cold. We told her to run around like the other children do and she would warm up. Obviousley she ignored this in favour of staying next to us and moaning.

After a visit to the mill where we had some nice biscuits we somehow found an empty bench amoungst the crowds to have our picnic. Each time we started to eat the heavens opened and we had to retreat to cover. Finally it stayed dry and whilst we ate we saw one of Girls little friends. Its amazing how she can be so lethargic with us but as soon as she sees a friend she is off charging about like a greyhound at a Duracell Bunny factory.

After a bit more of a wander, a kick about and the purchase of some flour the early start was taking its toll so we headed for home. They both snoozed on the way back and, once home, woke unhappily in order to punish us with more tears and tantrums. Our tears and tantrums, not theirs obviousley.

I was hoping for a nice picture of Wife in her new top with her Mummy badge today, or at least a nice family shot. This did not quite work out. Oh well there's always next mothers day I suppose. So instead its Boy being a bit casual playing football. Not sure if it was the cold or he was just showing off but he kept his hand in his pocket for the whole time he played football.

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