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Playground Fort Knox

Today has been a slouchy day. We got up for the usual swimming where I managed to find someone's lost wedding ring in the pool. I felt something hit my foot as I wandered round the pool with Boy. When we then got pulled up for absconding our interest from the lesson I explained why and was told that another parent from a later morning lesson lost their wedding ring in the pool two weeks ago. Apparently it had been looked for but not very well I reckon. Anyway I hope they are happily reunited with it and can clean it up a little.

Later on we popped round a friends and lay seige on their home. I was particularly excited to find the old Fort Knox van in the 1970s toy cars that were out. When I was at school I remember another boy having one of these in the playground. I remember how exciting it was that you could lock the gold in the back and only someone with the correct combination could get it back out. I also remember that I did not get to play with it. Today though I did, and not only that, but I cracked the lock and discovered the gold.

I was not the only one to have some joy on our visit as Boy was treated to a special viewing of the house skateboard collection and even got to stand on them all. He did this with the person who performed some skateboard tricks for him the other day who not only writes a very good story or two but also is now Boy's hero. If that was not enough he then got to see some very exciting books and then got read to, though this was more due to Boy insisting on his narrator, as my offer to read was rebuffed immediately.

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