BethaBlip 21...

This is my monthly track of my children as they grow to see how they change as time goes by. It is quite remarkable and is accentuated by the 1 year ago thumbnail down in the bottom right.

The floodgates are well and truely open and I don't think they are closing anytime soon. Over the last week, Bethany's speech has grown incrementally. Every day she is surprising us with new words and phrases that she's picked up. She spent the weekend absolutely just blethering to anybody who would or wouldn't listen and repeating everything we say. In situations where it would normally take her about 30 minutes to get used to people, she was interacting with them in less than 5.

This month she's been a wonderful sister to Ewan, being so obedient and tolenrant of the multiple and extended hospital visits for his fractured leg.

You can check out the rest of this series and see her progress by entering the word BethaBlip into the Blipfoto search tool.

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