Wild at heart

By EmmaSTennant

Simple things. Homemade chamomile tea

I started blipping yesterday and, now that I am on this dodgy path, the challenge is to take a photo good enough to blip each day. This is part of my new year's resolution - to learn photography - and it's fun.

After spending much of yesterday afternoon with a blow torch, today's activities were more feminine and involved making lots of herbal-and-flower infusions with my mum for Mother's Day. I bought a new tea pot with an infuser and it's great for making homemade herbal tea.

While using rose, lavender and peppermint, I suddenly realised that chamomile is a beautiful herb even when dried. It has such pretty yellow and white flowers, and is a gorgeous golden colour. So I started taking photos of this gentle herb, practising macro shots. I liked this one best because it shows the subtle variations of sunshine-like colours.

We drank a pot of homemade chamomile tea and honey after, and it was delicious.

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