By tookie


Indoor blip ...tulips not blooming outside yet and out backyard is all underwater. A day of more rains, some flakes (me included in that category), more rains and very little sun spots as they so inaptly label the stuff.

Spend a major portion of the day fine tuning a letter of farewell to my bus parents. It was stressing me out and then upon completion and while reading it aloud to Big R I started to cry....oh my gosh I wasn't expecting to be this worked up. Got it done and now working on the Piggy bus certificates to give the kids...then work on printing pics of them on the bus for them. Lots to do so little commenting ..I do thank all who have dropped by here.

We also continue to check in on Big R's dad who has been doing pretty well lately , but still such a concern. I will plan to go back and visit them sometime later this spring. He will be getting an MRI in a couple weeks to see how the cyst is doing that is pushing on ventricles on his brain.

Have a nice week and I hope others are having much better weather than out here in the PNW! ps...Cowboy loves all the mud!

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