By Ilaria

Another waterfall!!

Yep...I know, I know...another waterfall...BUT I'm afraid I love rivers, streams, brooks, streams, waterfalls (even tiny ones!!)'s part of why I adore the Lake District!!! :-)))) So here is another little beauty!!!!

Have dabbled again with B&W...I don't know...never looks right to me!! Maybe I'm just a colour person!! But the water was pretty!! And the THAT was something I will never tire of!! Except when it makes me instantly need to find a loo!!!!! Why IS that!!!!!!!!!!!! Lol!!!!!!!

Home after this...but final scone with jam and clotted cream first...and Buttermere cafe's BUTTERBEER??!! Is that not a bit Harry Potterish??!!
:-)))) Suites me!! Bye......

Have a great day.....


Hell....that Butterbeer is GOOD!!!!!!!! :-)))) MMMMMMMM!!!!!!

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