beauty of the nature

By visualbinam

happy new year 1391!

today at 8:44 AM (local time) we celebrated the Nowruz with family.
we put up a table full of food for the visitors consisting nuts, fruits, chocolates, cookies, colored eggs, etc plus a set of 7 things that start with the word S which we call it 'haft sin'. and we give gifts to visitors, money to children and youngsters and socks or other kinds of cloth to the older visitors.

we celebrate Nowruz for 12 days and at the 13th day which is called 'sizdah bedar' everyone goes out to the nature.

the first things we always do every new year is visiting my grandpa's house. and then we get back home and wait for the visitors to come.

i'll share more photos of our traditions in the next days, i couldn't resist posting this one of my grandpa's hand today. try it large!

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