An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Spring has Sprung!

I have been enjoying all your blue sky blip shots and ladybird shots today but it's dull greyness here and not a ladybird in sight!

I wasn't convinced that spring had arrived in my little patch till I spotted the tiny green shoots on the lilac bush when I got home from work and headed into the garden on a Blip Hunt! :) Both lilac bushes are showing signs of life and I can't believe it's almost a year since I was blipping them in bud and then in their full perfumed glory!

To get the most out of today's shot it's best to view in large as you can then see how the baby drip is copying mummy drip's reflection :))

Keeping it short today since my last two write ups went on and on and on were rather long! But thank you so much again for your amazing response to both of them.

I really could write a comedy / tragedy book about our experiences and adventures with "Service Land".....maybe one day I will! :D

Happy Wednesday Peeps....and to make up for the horror of my musical link yesterday sincerest apologies Kate! xx here is SOMETHING a bit easier on the ear! :)))

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