Eat, smoke, love, meow.

By Meowsers


I've been texting Bethan all night, and it's made me literally so happy. We're just chatting away and it's lovely, I've been laid in bed for four hours, watching Come Dine With Me and feeling very jolly. Every time my phone buzzes I grin. Bless her, she makes my insides squirm with happiness.

The drawing on the headphones is one of her also, done in a rather too thick marker, but who cares, the thought is there.

We are discussing how good it would be to live together, and how happy we'd be.

We've decided to open a piercing parlour/bakery, called 'Muffin Love Inkorporated This is because she can bake, and I can pierce, and ther'es always the pun on 'muffin' because it'll be run by two lesbians, and she'll have pink hair and dreads and i'll be covered in tattoos. We both can't wait really!

We're also going to get cats called, Batman, Batman (2), Jess, and David. The last two, are so that we can always cuddle our two best pals, no matter where they, and we are, in the world.

I am lucky in love, and i'm hitting the roof with it all,

Tonight you're mine, completely. You give your love, so sweetly.

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